What are the first six digits (address code) of the ID card number of a foreigner who joins Chinese nationality

Expand all foreigners who have joined Chinese nationality. The first six digits of the ID card number (address code) starts with the area code in which he resides, and the ID number is generated when he settles down.

For example, a foreigner who has joined Chinese nationality and settled in Pudong New District, Shanghai, generated an ID number for him when the public security organs went through the formalities, starting with 310115. Liked and disliked your comment on this answer? Comments Collapse Enthusiastic Netizens

2019-01-25Explore all National Civil Affairs Commission, the Fourth Census Leading Group of the State Council, and the Ministry of Public Security s provisions on determining the ethnic composition of Chinese citizens

In order to correctly implement the party s and state s ethnic policies, guarantee the right of our citizens to correctly express their ethnic components, and do a good job in filling in the ethnic components, we now make the following provisions for citizens to determine their ethnic components:

(I) The determination of the ethnic component of a citizen must be referred to as the ethnic group officially recognized by the state. No one may refer to the ethnic group that is not recognized by the state as his own ethnic component.

22. The ethnic composition of an individual can only be determined based on the ethnic composition of the father or mother.

3. Children born to citizens of different nationalities or adopting infants of other nationalities (adopted by a notary public to confirm the adoption relationship), the ethnic component shall be agreed by the parents or adoptive parents before the age of 18; I have decided that those who have reached the age of 20 will not change their ethnic composition.

4. Citizens of different nationalities remarry. If the original children of the two parties are young children, their ethnic components shall be agreed upon by the mother and stepfather, or the father and stepmother before the age of eighteen; Ethnic component.

25. Adoption relationships and marriage relationships between adults of different nationalities do not change their ethnic components.

Thirty-sixth, those who have been identified as a certain ethnic minority shall not be changed at will to other ethnic minorities.

7. Any person who applies for change of ethnic composition in accordance with these regulations must be investigated and verified by the personnel department of the unit in which he works or the street office and township people s government in the area where he resides. Formalities .

28. The ethnic composition of foreigners who have joined Chinese nationality and their descendants, or children born of Chinese marriages with foreigners, shall be handled in accordance with the following principles:

1. Foreigners who have joined the Chinese nationality, if they have the same ethnic composition or similar characteristics as an existing ethnic group in China, they can apply to report as a certain ethnic group with the same or similar characteristics in China, but they must apply within two years after naturalization Handle.

2. If a foreigner who has joined the Chinese nationality voluntarily applies for filling in a certain ethnic group in China, he shall present the certificate issued by his unit and submit it to the provincial, autonomous region, and municipality department for approval for approval.

3. If one of the parents is Chinese, or one of the parents has applied for reporting as a certain ethnic component in China after joining the Chinese nationality, the child with Chinese nationality reports the ethnic component of the Chinese side.

Anyone who fills in a certain ethnic group according to these regulations shall be treated as a minority.

IX. Anyone who uses fraudulent reports, false certificates and other improper means to obtain permission to change the ethnic composition shall be corrected immediately upon discovery. Those who enjoy enrollment, recruitment, further education, and other preferential treatments due to fraudulent change of ethnic components shall be cancelled.

X. The ethnic work departments of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and cities with separate plans may formulate specific implementation measures in accordance with these regulations, but they shall report to the ethnic work departments at higher levels for the record .

XI. In the event of any inconsistency between the previous relevant regulations and the documents and regulations that modify the national composition, these regulations shall prevail.

XII. The interpretation of these regulations rests with the State Ethnic Affairs Commission.

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