What is the reason for the issue of the size of the Genghis Khan ’s canonization?

The problem of the size of the sealed-up sons was related to his decision to inherit the position of Mongolian Khan. Genghis Khan always had animosity towards the eldest son Shu Chi, and even suspected that he was a wicked son left behind by his insult to his eldest concubine. It was naturally impossible to pass him on. Therefore, Shu Chi was seized to the Qincha grassland, which is the farthest from the Mongolian plateau. It is located at the junction of northern Central Asia and Russia . Even in the Hualazimo Kingdom, it is a remote area in the north. The Yulong Jiechi (Turkmenistan) on the banks of the Seoul River was relatively close, and this old flower mold was sealed to Shuchi as the capital;

The second son of Chagatai is relatively better. His land was roughly equivalent to today s Xinjiang and around the Tianshan Mountains. It almost inherited the territory of Xiliao that was originally established by Yeliao. The west side of the Tianshan Mountains is also the core area of ​​the the Hualazimo Kingdom. The new capital, Samarkand, is today in Uzbekistan. It is entirely Genghis Khan s selfishness to assign this to the Chagatai, which may be the eldest son, but the territory of Xiliao is distributed in the Tianshan Mountains and the Pamirs. The scattered population is not conducive to management, so the Chagatai Khanate is the most unstable among the four major Khanates. However, it is indeed the best of the four big khanates in terms of area and richness.

In the end, only the younger son Tao Lei and the third child Wo Kuotai. Many people do not know that Tiemuzhen initially selected the third child to inherit the throne of the Great Khan. Therefore, the Mongolian plateau should have been his. Shi did not consider his feudal state. However, as the young boy s torpedo slowly grew, Temujin changed the original decision. He left the torpedo with more than 100,000 elite Mongolian troops, and Wo Kuotai, who should have been the heir , had only tens of thousands of troops. Although Thao Lei did not inherit the position of Khan, his status as a prisoner was the actual ruler of Mongolia after Genghis Khan s death. At this time, Wokuotai could only be located in the upper reaches of the Irtysh River and east of Lake Balkhash. This place became the territory of Wokuotai Khanate. Finally, the land was taken and crowded by mines. Wo Kuotai Khanate is naturally the smallest back cover.

In fact, the worst position among the four Mongolian khanates is Wokoktai Khan, which is surrounded by the territory conquered by the Mongolian army. There is no room for development, and there is a crisis of being swallowed by one s own. The Tai Khan State annexed), and the Shuchi family originally assigned to the remote Qincha grassland gained an opportunity to expand. This is the famous Batu west expedition. Under his leadership, the Mongolian army occupied almost the entire Eastern Europe and In southern Europe, all the elite knights in Europe were wiped out, so the territory of Chincha Khanate was very large and almost covered the whole of Eastern Europe. The Ilhan country, also located on the border, also acquired a large amount of land through military expansion. Under the leadership of Xu Liwu, it conquered the Arab Empire and the countries of Asia Minor, even drinking the Mediterranean Sea. The territory includes the entire West Asia. Far more than Wo Kuotai Khanate and Ch agatai Khanate. Therefore, due to political reasons and location reasons, the territory of Wokuotai Khanate is the smallest among the four big Khanates.

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