Which Chinese or English is difficult to learn?

Some people say that a Chinese word has many meanings and is difficult, but isnt it difficult to have a lot of words in English? Do you think about the reasons why many people dont learn English well? Just learn Chinese in several places, pinyin, and learn characters If you write it a few times, you can read it and you will not forget it, even if you don t understand the meaning, it doesn t matter. But in English, a word is so long, sometimes you dont learn much phonetic transcription. I still forget about it when I keep memorizing and dictating. Besides, I mean a bunch of words. Chinese, 100 words, can form thousands of words, while English 26 letters, there are millions of words, hundreds of thousands of meanings According to Chinese, two words are counted as one word, and those two English letters cannot be counted as words at all. A phrase must consist of one or N words, and the grammatical change of the relationship is required. A string of English can express a Chines e word. In general, I feel that English is more difficult than Chinese, because English does not have a complete system. It can only rely on rote memorization. Who can bear one million words? One can only bear hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands. Thousands of words, tens of thousands of words can be combined,

I believe that people who have learned English agree with this statement. Only half a bottle of water thinks that English is better than Chinese. For example, the Chinese word is recognized no matter where it is placed. However, the combination of English words is different. Changed

When we tried hard to memorize the words and remember that the ABCD was tortured by the CET-4 exam, we just wanted to complain, why is English so hard! My heart is very unbalanced, but when I think that there are also foreigners who are tortured by learning Chinese, it feels like a revenge! Chinese culture is vast and profound. There are 800 meanings in a sentence. Foreigners, come on ~

22A 22-year-old Harvard student Timothy Doner, who has learned up to 25 languages ​​by by himself, is known as a walking translator! Not only was he scrambled to be interviewed by foreign media, but he was also invited to speak at TED. At a young age, he has a deep language ability, which is truly unmatched.

Timothy s language journey began when he was a child star. The director at the time asked him to emulate the accents of other countries, but he did not expect to turn on Timothy s language switch.

He found that learning languages ​​was a very interesting thing, so he took time to study other foreign languages. Later, in a class, he became interested in Hebrew. After learning Hebrew, he found that his learning ability was particularly fast. The more you learn, the more you become 25.

However, Timothy, known as a walking translator, also encountered the biggest bottleneck in his life! He was interested in Asian countries and started to learn Chinese, but the process was not as smooth as before, both in writing and pronunciation made him very frustrated.

Although he found a fast way to learn Chinese, which is to use images to help memorize, but after all, it only accounted for a small part of Chinese, which made Timothy helpless to spit out Facebook: Chinese is really hard I can t learn anything!

But when he published the Chinese textbook he was using, it suddenly made people understand why he complained, and he started to study from Classical Chinese! This … won t it jump too fast?

However, this also reveals the way for foreigners to learn Chinese. When you finally remember the pinyin, you find that it has four tones. When you finally can write Chinese characters, you find that the meaning of the word is more than ordinary. When When you finally communicate daily, you will find idioms poetry classical Chinese. Classical Chinese is simply the ultimate boss in Chinese, and we all struggle. Generally foreigners can t learn it.

Huh, everyone is at each other. But the only difference is… We have to learn English, but it is not necessary for Wei Guoren to learn Chinese! However, I still urge all international friends to learn Chinese. Anyway, before you tattoo, understand what this Chinese character means. Don t look at him if you look good, just tattoo it on your body! The Chinese looked awkward! The mysterious power from the East is not so fun!

International friends, Chinese is an art, and you deserve it. Come on!

In fact, language has its own difficulties, which has something to do with the culture, background and environment of the language.

For our people, English is definitely more difficult to learn. After all, Chinese is our mother tongue, and I have been exposed to the influence of this language and culture since childhood. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to master Chinese.

But English comes from Europe and the United States. This language is characterized by a large number of words, and the habit of forming sentences is completely opposite to that of Chinese. For example, Chinese says that I like you very much, the structure is subject + adverb + predicate + object; while English is I love you very much, structure is subject + predicate + object + adverbial. So if you have Chinese thinking, you may be a little accustomed to this structure of English when you first learn English .

Moreover, the words in English, especially professional vocabulary, are longer and more complex and difficult to remember; there are also many kinds of phrases. If you don t understand the difference between them, they will be misused, otherwise you will make errors . For example, lots of and a lot of, used to and be used to do and so on.

Personal I personally like to learn English. Compared with it, I find English easy. You must master English well, and you will hear more and more. Therefore, memorizing words often and seeing the original movie is very helpful for thinking in English.

In English learning, I put the ability of listening and speaking first, because the language itself is mainly applied. Practicing listening is to let you know and remember how others are expressing, and to learn pure expression; in other words, it is to express the sentence patterns, sentence patterns, and structures in your own way after you have organized them, so that others understand. understanding. In fact, it is not difficult. As long as you study hard, learning well is not a problem.

So, whether it is hard to learn or not is completely up to the individual. But I believe that everything is artificial, as long as you have the determination and perseverance, you can learn well without worrying too much.

Chinese culture is vast and profound. The history of the five thousand years is not comparable to that of European and American countries. Therefore, Chinese that can survive to this day is more flavorful and difficult to learn than English.

There are statistics, there are more people who speak Chinese than English. Such data makes some people think that Chinese is better to learn than English, but it is just because China has a large population. Now that English has become an international language, the former Esperanto has been banned. In addition to the high economic strength of the United Kingdom and the United States, many countries urgently need to communicate with their domestic companies and companies. English is easy to visit and better to learn. The important reason for Xiang , 26 English letters, 5 vowels, and 21 consonants, makes the words very easy to pronounce. Even though it may not be standard, it probably means that it can be clear to others.

In contrast, Chinese pinyin is similar to English pinyin for internationalization. Although there are only 26, the four tones of each letter are combined with other phonetic characters to make the pronunciation sound. It is very difficult, and the inaccurate pronunciation is very easy to cause ambiguity. The most important thing is the profound culture of our country. Many of the same pronunciations have many words, and many words have different pronunciations. It is very easy to make communication or written expression. It is difficult for people who do not get started to express themselves.

Feeling for different people, the feelings are different. Which kind of mother tongue is it will not be difficult to contact since childhood. If it is other languages, it will be a little different and it will be more difficult to learn.

Objectively speaking, Chinese is the most difficult language. After all, China has a history of 5,000 years, and its cultural heritage cannot be underestimated. Therefore, the meaning contained in a prolific Chinese is difficult for outsiders to understand.

Many foreigners learn Chinese and can speak a more coherent Chinese, which is already very good. Few people will understand its meaning. At most, they can understand the vernacular, and they wont be able to turn it after a short mouthful. After all, there are many Chinese It means that the unspeakable meaning is inside, as long as the tone is different, the meaning will be completely different.

The development history of English is not long, but it has been recognized as a universal language by the world, so every country will learn. In order to communicate with the world, English is not too difficult. If you translate Chinese into English, it is generally It is a literal translation without any artistic conception. Few Chinese characters have a lot of modifications.

So I think Chinese is relatively difficult to learn in comparison. Chinese is vast and profound. In addition to modern vernacular Chinese, there are a lot of ancient writings worth considering. If you are not knowledgeable, we laymen only know a little bit of fur .

Although I am Chinese, I find it difficult to learn Chinese, but that is not to say how difficult it is for us to learn Chinese. It is not difficult for us to live in this environment since childhood. The point is for those foreigners who are very difficult to learn Chinese unless they stay in China.

And like us learning English, even if we don t count those majors, we can carry out daily exchanges and communication with foreigners after two years of study. In the case of Korean and Japanese, Chinese learning should be very simple. So I think English is quite easy to learn, compared to Chinese.

If you dont study in depth, it s more difficult to learn English. After all, for us, Chinese is the language we have come into contact with. Chinese is our mother tongue. We dont have to study hard and learn English. However, for foreigners, Chinese may be difficult to learn. Many of the n words we usually say are synonyms. Homophones, not long-term accumulation, are difficult to distinguish at all.

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