From November 19 to 23, Ningbo Municipal Government hosted a Southeast Asian media event. During the event, Ningbo municipal government invited media reporters from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore to visit Ningbo, visited local enterprises such as Oxfam group, Cixing group, Junsheng electronics, Youngor Group and Taiping bird group, andRead More →

On November 3, the 2019 Shantou urban development forum, hosted by Shuangyue Bay, kicked off. Ma Guangyuan, a famous economist, deputy director of the Central Economic Commission of the people’s Republic of China and commentator of CCTV financial channel, was invited to attend the event and delivered a keynote speech.Read More →

Guangzhou sports and Culture Museum held a donation ceremony yesterday in the front square of the Asian sports culture center, which was entitled “Guangzhou Asian Games Cultural collection and Guangzhou Asian Games spirit”. The donation certificate was issued to the sportsmen and collectors who support the sports and culture causeRead More →

The intelligence threat China poses to the United States is more serious than any other country. “” China is fighting a war against the United States. “The alarmist comments come from the mouth of Christopher Leigh, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). These remarks in the United StatesRead More →

Apply for handling in the unit, and let the unit be responsible for the consultation and communication with the Social Security Bureau. Interim Measures for foreigners employed in China to participate in social insurance These measures are formulated in accordance with the social insurance law of the people’s Republic ofRead More →