In ancient times, people were naked. Later, because of the cold weather in winter, people began to use animal skin leaves to surround their waists. This became the prototype of skirts and was the earliest human clothing. The ancient Egyptians began to wrap cloth around them or sew them intoRead More →

The Forbidden City is 750 meters wide from east to west, 960 meters long from north to south, and covers an area of ​​720,000 square meters. Its area is the largest in the world. So why is it commonly known as the Forbidden City ? 140 In 1402 AD, theRead More →

For five thousand years of Chinese history, heroes have been countless since ancient times. Their names have been deeply imprinted in our culture and blood. There are many people who can be called God of War in Chinese history, only three of them are selected in this article. Let sRead More →

When Mr. Sun Yat-sen was the Grand Marshal of the Chinese Revolutionary Government in Guangzhou, he felt that the suit style was cumbersome and inconvenient to wear; and that Chinese clothing had practical shortcomings, so he entrusted the owner of the Hanoi clothing store Huang Longsheng to design a beautiful,Read More →