Winter melon is mainly produced in summer. The name of winter melon is because when the melon is ripe, there is a layer of white powder on the surface, just like the white frost formed in winter. This is also the reason. Winter melon, the fruit is round, oblate orRead More →

1. What foods are good for diarrhea patients: In the case of severe diarrhea, fasting to the intestine can adjust the time in the early stage. During the remission period, you can eat semi-liquid foods with less oiliness, less residue, high protein, high heat energy, and high vitamins, such asRead More →

Senile plaques mostly occur in middle-aged and elderly people. Adjusting the state of the body through food not only cures senile plaques, but also enhances physical fitness. Diet regulation is a nourishing method from the inside out, which has the effect of balancing yin and yang, dredging the muscles andRead More →

Cabbage is a popular vegetable suitable for all kinds of people. More suitable for people with chronic habitual constipation, colds, colds, lung cough, throat inflammation, bloating and fever. Facing the face with Chinese cabbage leaves can reduce the growth of acne on the face. However, the nitrite contained in theRead More →

1. Lily silver flower porridge lily 50 grams, washed; then take 10 grams of silver flower, dried for the last use. Wash 100 grams of japonica rice first, cook the lily for 10 minutes when the porridge is thick, put in the powdered medicine and an appropriate amount of sugarRead More →

Black fungus, which grows on rotten wood, looks like human ears and is black or brownish black. Therefore, it is called black fungus, also known as xylosma, tree chicken. Black fungus is extremely rich in nutrition. According to historical records, it is the exclusive product of the emperors in ancientRead More →

Gastrodia can be taken in decoction or decoction, or used as a dietetic medicine. Gastrodia can be added when cooking, and it can also be drunk with Gastrodia. In recent years, some people have made Gastrodia elata into Gastrodia tea. Soaking it in water is also a good way toRead More →