What are the requirements for foreigners to register Chinese companies? For example, foreign Chinese registered companies in China, is this company a foreign company? Then we must first clarify the concept of foreign companies: investors are overseas institutions or individuals (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) Therefore, the above companiesRead More →

The Tang Dynasty was inherited from the Sui Dynasty, and the chaotic Southern and Northern Dynasties were replaced by a unified and centralized country. Ancient Chinese civilization, including politics, economy, culture, and society, reached unprecedented heights in the Tang Dynasty. The arrival of the two epochs of the rule ofRead More →

The principle of territorial jurisdiction is the oldest and most basic principle of international law in the exercise of national jurisdiction. Unless it involves diplomatic disputes, violations in that country will be handled in that country. This is how the extradition regulations come to be. Current cybercrime is defined accordingRead More →

The long primitive society was the budding period of dance. It formed with the emergence of primitive beliefs, and gradually divided into several categories such as totem dance, witchcraft dance, and sacrificial dance. By the end of primitive society, dance was already a mature art form. This is manifested inRead More →