Yesterday, the Ministry of Education issued the No. 1 warning for studying abroad in 2019. In response, Sheng Jianxue, secretary general of the China Scholarship Council, said in an interview with reporters: In the context of higher education internationalization, the United States has tightened the visa policy for Chinese studentsRead More →

  Open a consultation hotline, organize a group lecture, simplify the process … The Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau continues to innovate the foreigner s management service system in China, sending multi-form, personalized and accurate services to foreign talents, and helping Beijing with more foreign experts and foreigners DevelopmentRead More →

At first glance, the three words “Chinese” are the definitions of nation and race. In fact, they are far from that. The three words “Chinese” are the most important cultural vocabulary. They define not only nation, country, but also a culture. No other country’s culture, like China’s, stretches in suchRead More →

In order to welcome the summary and commendation meeting of the National People’s Expo Cultural Construction to be held in Nanjing, and to show the fruitful results of the development of Jiangsu People ‘. The theme of this activity is “Craftsmanship”, which is jointly sponsored by Jiangsu private museum association,Read More →